Virtual 3D tour: Apartment on Beregovaya street


The main objective was to get away from everyday life and its dull mood, and create a functional space with bright colors with modern decor, taking the best from each style and accurately combining them.

As a result we’ve got an apartment in the eclectic style. The only rule in design is no rules.

On the upper floor – a spacious living area, dining room and functional kitchen. The windows are decorated with interior wooden shutters, serving as an excellent decoration and regulating the amount of light entering the room. Sofas in the living room are made in a traditional English style. The space between the areas is divided by a wall with small shelves, on which we have placed a commemorative collection of souvenirs from different countries.

Ecodesign prevails in the dining room. The large dining table is made from a cut of African Baobab, the wall near the window is decorated with natural stabilized moss, and other – with cork panels.

The mobile glass partition that does not steal space separates the kitchen from the dining area. The kitchen itself is made with a red-white décor, and glossy surfaces visually enhance the area.

The bedrooms, bathrooms and a spa area are located on the ground floor. Each room is a completely different story, starting with the interior door designed from scratch by the studio lead designer. The rooms are not loaded with unnecessary interior items. Only a few items, such as an ottoman in pearl velvet and a large bed decorated with carved glass beads add individuality and emphasize the style.

The selected fixtures give a special color to the apartment design, which include a floor lamp on a tripod in the living room, hanging three-dimensional transparent drops of tempered glass in the kitchen, and a sloping bright chandelier over the staircase, among others.