Virtual 3D tour: Apartment on Mosfilm street


Task: to create a comfortable space for a family of four on 180 square meters. At the same time it was necessary to emphasize the individuality of each family member.

As a result you can see the completed turnkey project. We have easily placed in the apartment three separate rooms with individual bathrooms, organized a small office, and divided a large room into two areas – the living room and the dining room. The interior design reflects the nature, temperament and lifestyle of the owners.

The kitchen is made in the Art Noveau style. An important wish to create an ample work area was taken into account. The ASI Studio Designer has created an individual sketch of the kitchen set. If you notice, the kitchen turned out to be quite streamlined, with smooth lines and no sharp corners. Thus, the space became cozy, comfortable and as functional as possible. We also divided the kitchen and living area by a glass partition of a rectangular shape. The advantage of this zoning option is described in the blog of ASI Studio.

The living room is made in a calm Art Nouveau style, and the furniture made by the Luciano Zonta factory was selected strictly in accordance with the wishes of the client. A decorative paint with a linen texture was used for the walls. We have designed and installed the positive-pressure ventilation, which can be controlled from each room.

The task, which included the creation of a comfortable working space for the head of the family, was also given to the ASI Studio designers and developers. The task was complicated by the absence of a window in the room. The finished result is better seen in the 3d tour of the apartment. To provide the daylight penetration we have built a large aquarium in one of the walls. At night, the backlight can be turned on in the aquarium to create an atmosphere for relaxation.