Our Services
Design of apartments and houses

We create an exclusive design concept both of the whole apartment, and of the separate rooms, taking your requirements into account.

Design of shops

We create and implement the design concepts for the interiors of shops.

Design of offices

We create a custom design-concept of the office space with competent planning solutions.

Design of bars and restaurants

We create the design projects for bars, restaurants and cafes, given the specificity of the sector.

Design of beauty salons

We create and implement the design concepts for the interiors of beauty salons.

Landscape design

We create landscape designs in different styles, and implement turnkey projects by developing the design concept.


We create a design using organic finishing materials and decorative elements.

3D modeling / prototyping

We develop 3D models of the interior parts, and produce layouts of buildings and premises.

Designer supervision

We take over control of the entire process of construction, make records and provide you with the report.

Engineering Solutions

We develop and install a “smart home” system, and implement individual engineering solutions – electricity, water supply, and ventilation.

Finishing work on your design

We make alterations to premises, and carry out turnkey finishing and construction works.

Associated Services

Furniture, forging, carpentry, glasswork, flooring, textiles and fur products, blinds, fur blankets and pillows, decorative elements, restoration works.

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