3D modeling / prototyping

Visualization is the important point in the development and coordination of architectural and design solution.

Further assessment of the prepared design project requires 3D service – modeling and prototyping.

3D modeling

  • Creating a 3D model of the interior parts and materials, offers a unique opportunity to coordinate all the nuances of the design project at the early stages.
  • Cost of the service per square meter – starting from $23/m².


  • We make models of buildings and premises of any size and complexity.
  • A wide range of materials is used for their creation: from the classic ones such as wood, plaster and glass, to the modern ones, such as acryl, polystyrene, polymer clays and composites.
  • Timely approval at the initial stage of the conducted operations.
  • You get a mini copy of the architectural and design solution as a memo addition.
  • Cost of the service per square meter – starting from $77/m².

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