Engineering Solutions

Smart home with clean air and a balanced climate, where it is warm and comfortable.


In the development of a design project particular attention is paid to design solutions. A well-designed ventilation, air conditioning, heating, water, and electricity supply system – this is the key to a comfortable life and to your safety.


We offer advanced engineering solutions for various purposes in accordance with the requirements of the initial permits, GOSTS and construction SNiPs.

  • Electrical equipment project (EE stage).
  • Heating project (H stage).
  • Conditioning and Ventilation Project (С and V stage).
  • Water supply and sanitation project (WS and S stage).
  • Low-voltage systems project (LVS stage – Internet, telephone, television, intercom).
  • Home theater project (HT stage).
  • Fire alarm system project (FAS stage).
  • Closed-circuit television system project (CCTV stage).
  • Multi-room system project (MRS stage).
  • Built-in vacuum cleaner project (BVC stage).
  • Lighting control project (LC stage).

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